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About Olivia







ナレーターとして、ライブコンサート、イベント、 CMなど


ソロ活動では、2016年の秋冬NHKドラマ 『さよなら私』の挿入歌『Love Is...』を歌わせたお陰様で彼女の美声で世界のNHKファンを

癒されましたし、その後、NHK Eテレ人気番組 『えいごであそぼ』2017年9月の歌と2018年10月の歌をパワフルな歌声を披露しました。





​Olivia Burrell is a Jamaican Canadian who was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario under the watchful eyes of her former reggae singer father and devout Christian mother. It was through them that her love for music began to blossom.  That love of music continued to flourish as Olivia began to sing in different school choirs in a variety of genres, from jazz, to classical chorale music to Broadway musical hits.

​Today she has built a career within the Japanese music and entertainment industry, displaying her versatility and malleability through the numerous artists and clients that she has worked for. From backing vocalist to soloist, songwriter to lyricist, narrator to educator,  Olivia has solidified herself as a as a reliable jack of all trades. 

​In 2016 she performed the opening theme song for NHK's popular television drama "Sayonara Watashi" Her ethereal vocal performance on the theme song entitled  "Love Is..." struck a chord with many NHK viewers all around the world.  Olivia also co-wrote the official theme song for the show for Japanese pop star Ken Hirai.

The following year, Olivia was asked once again by NHK to lend her voice to one of their regular and most popular shows "Eigo De Asobo - Let's Play In English", powerfully performing the song of the month in September 2017 and once again in October 2018.

2019 brought Olivia back on the road as vocal section leader for JUJU, this time on her 15th anniversary 45 date Japan cross country tour. She continued to expand her television appearances, by not only recording all of the vocals for the popular convenience store MINI STOP’s latest ad campaign, but by also making a special appearance as the leader of the “Can’t Stop Sisters”; a 60’s style fictional vocal group created for MINI STOP’s current commercial campaign.

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